Coaching and Consulting

Want to write a book, become a painter, birth or grow a business or maybe you want to spend your time with me healing and letting go with the support of someone that has realigned herself more than a few times!

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What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching helps you work through your blindspots and let go of behaviors that no longer serve you. 

Consulting helps you understand how-to information and gives you the accountability to implement your goals. 

Almost all clients need a combination of both for at least a 3 to 6 month period to accomplish lasting positive results.


 “Sheri (Sheree) is the absolute Queen of building your own association and membership tribe online. She has done it wildly successfully multiple times and coached and trained thousands of others to do the same in their industries and niche specialties globally. She has an unshakable can do spirit that overcomes any obstacle in your path (and many in her own path.) She is business brilliance and entrepreneurial expertise personified.” 

-Melissa Galt, Prosperity by Design

“Sheree’s marketing insights helped me create a winning launch of our association, the International Association of Women in Business Coaching. We had over 350 members join within the first few weeks and more continue to stream in. Thank you Sheri for your support and for keeping things SIMPLE!”

-Kendall SummerHawk, International Association of Women In Coaching

“I am a huge believer in hiring a coach to work with you in and on your business. I first discovered the value of having a coach 7 years ago and since then have continued to have one to help me propel my existing business and start a new one. When I first met Sheree she was a speaker at an event I attended. I immediately signed up to get on her mailing list to hear more from her. I had been following her for a number of years when her email hit my inbox announcing that she was taking on new clients. I immediately jumped at the chance and today pinch myself at how lucky I am to have connected with her. Sheree is the real deal. She doesn’t hold back information, she gives you her all and is genuinely interested and cares about your success. Her honesty is refreshing, she is the first coach I have ever heard tell her clients that there are times you need to take a break from coaching and implement and the n come back for more. She’s not “selling” you to get you to enroll, it’s either a fit for both of you or it’s not. I am forever grateful for her patience, caring and generosity…and her business smarts are priceless!”

-Debby Hall, National Association of Home Industry Professionals

“I’m so grateful that I found Sheree and the Smart Women’s Institute on my entrepreneurial journey! As a Wellness Business Coach and founder of several wellness businesses, I was looking for a way to take all that I was doing and put it under one roof that would not only make sense for my clients, but make a difference. When I met Sheree and learned about how to build an Association, I knew that I had met the perfect mentor. She literally walked me through every step I needed to take to build my organization. As an entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in having mentors and coaches to support my growth, but what is different about Sheree is her way of thinking big and getting it done, something she passes along to her clients so that they can reach their goals quickly. I’m so excited that what I love creating and sharing is all happening in one place at the International Association of Wellness Professionals, Where Passionate Practices Become Thriving Businesses. If you want to have a big impact and are ready to take action, Sheree will provide you with the tools and steps to follow so you can create the business of your dreams.”

-Suzanne Monroe, International Association of Wellness Professionals

“Without Sheree’s help I simply never would have launched the International Association of Online Business Managers. Not only did she provide the tools, guidance and systems to start my Association, more importantly she really opened my eyes to what an Association can be and how powerful a role it can play in my business. Within months of launching the Association, I created the first ever Online Business Manager Certification Training Program, which filled to capacity in its very first offering. The Association has become the ‘hub’ of how I connect with my market, and will continue to be a key part of how I support Online Business Managers and the business owners who need to hire them well into the future.”

-Tina Forsyth, International Association of Online Business Managers

“I’m excited to share with you that the pre-launch of my new business, the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW) has been a great success! The feedback has been phenomenal and it is hugely rewarding to see the vision showing up in the world to such a positive reaction. In less than a week we are well on the way to breaking even and we still have our Launch Symposium to come for people to explore our theme – Discover Your Authentic Voice, on the page and in the world. Thanks to you Sheree for your expert guidance over the last few months. The benefit of your experienced perspective has been invaluable and I know that this is just the very beginning!”

-Julia McCutchen, International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers

“When I started my International Association of Professional Life Coaches, Sheree’s book on associations really gave me a good head start. Taking her “Fast Track” program gave me more of the nuts and bolts I needed to get my association into a higher gear. She explained her systems clearly and showed how we could use them effectively in our business. She also helped me push through roadblocks in several areas, including building a list and finding joint venture partners. Having access to Sheree’s expertise has been invaluable in sustaining as well as moving forward with my association. From her program I have started building a list, have more valuable offers in place for visitors and members, and have a much more comprehensive plan of action for marketing my association. Thank-you, Sheree!”

-Jeannette Koczela, International Association of Professional Life Coaches™

“Fantastic! The one day event with Sheree was exactly what I needed to launch my association, it gave me clarity and answered the questions that I had been waiting on. I soaked in the training information so I would be ready to take quick action the minute I got home. The National Association for Christian Women Entrepreneurs (NACWE) was “born” exactly 3 weeks from the day I spent with Sheree. I love to move fast!! 54 members during the 7 week charter membership phase. I was also able to network with other fast-moving women who are launching associations too. It was a total and complete WIN-WIN. My association is growing in leaps and bounds while also serving a higher purpose. I got way more than I expected with a 43.95% ROI! Thanks Sheree!”

-Diane Cunningham, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Sheree Keys is a superb and creative business strategist. My half day, three-hour session with Sheree gave me the roadmap I needed for the next 6-8 months of my business growth. I walked in with all my (many) projects in hand, my report on the current state-of-my-business, and my vision for the next year. I walked out with a clear sense of what comes first, second and third, and how to move forward with all of it—at the same time. Sheree moves f-a-s-t, and inspires me to do the same. It’s a tremendous help, and it’s great fun. Now I’ve got the plan I need to produce the results I’ve been working toward. If you’re serious about putting your business on fast-forward, I encourage you to take advantage of Sheree’s Programs!”

-Linda Rivero, Global Action Network of Entrepreneurial Women

“Finding Sheree Keys was like striking GOLD! Coaching with her has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. Sheree’s down-to-earth style, paired with her vast knowledge of creating successful & profitable online businesses is a winning combination. I have to admit, I kept my eye on Sheree for years, as she continued to grow her companies, one after another. All while raising four children! I knew I wanted to do the same. I joined her 2009 Mastermind Program and my life changed for the better. I’ve learned strategies that others don’t even know exist. This is the new model for business and a great way for Mothers, like myself to follow their passion and have the freedom to be with their children. I’ve personally witnessed women turn their lives around, gain financial independence, and discover a while new way to build a business; If you’re going to step into the Online Business world, I suggest you learn from the best… Sheree Keys!

-Tamara Gold,

“I’ve worked with Sheree for the past 18 months to launch and build the International Association of Professional Quilters. Her guidance on marketing was instrumental in the success I’ve had growing the association. Marketing is all about relationship building, and the rules are frequently changing in our Web 2.0 world. Sheree understands the sequencing of marketing steps, particularly as it relates to marketing in this social media age, to bring about the highest ROI. Because of her own success in this area, she was able to provide me with valuable tips, knowledge, and suggestions to create winning strategies for my association.”

-Morna McEver Golletz, International Association of Professional Quilters

Sheree has many gifts, but the most valuable thing I’ve learned from her is to authentically market my business and how important marketing is to my ultimate success. The thing I really love is that there is no “yuckiness” in the way Sheree has taught me to market. It’s simply about finding lots of different ways to share my message with the world. And it is so fun!”

-Kiva Leatherman, Wise Women Network

Sheree’s marketing strategies really work! Using her techniques with my recent book launch, we hit 117 overall on and #1 in Beauty, #2 in Healthy Living, and #3 in Fitness.”

-JJ Virgin, PhD, CNS, Celebrity Nutrition, Fitness Expert

Sheree is a master marketer. She’s given me ideas I would have never come up with on my own. Her experience is invaluable. She knows all the behind the scenes ideas, campaigns, and strategies that no one else ever tells you.”

-Linda P. Jones, Global Institute of Wealth for Women

“I was apprehensive about hiring Sheree because I’ve had several business coaches before and already knew the formula. I came to Sheree already making six figures and I was ready to leverage my experience and connections to launch and grow the Global Association of Women in Branding. I had purchased her information product more than a year prior, but I hadn’t started to implement it and I knew time would just continue to tick away. I had to put more skin in the game. I didn’t even speak to her before I hired her, but by the time we finished our first call I knew I made the right decision. Sheree lets you learn from the guide and curriculum that she’s already developed and she fills in the holes you have based on where you’re at, your capacity for implementation and execution, and bold but loving challenges to your mindset. Not once did she default to that old formulaic system that so many others are recycling. She tests everything and tells you what works for her, and what is just smoke and mirrors. She’s the FIRST coach to actually read my coaching progress forms, engage with my social media, subscribe to and read my newsletters, and refocus my time and MONEY when she sees I’m being stubborn. As a result, my association launched and almost immediately started to get the attention of the other influencers in my industry and we have members in 4 countries, with daily growth. Come to her with your concerns and issues, and she’ll use her knowledge (she has an MBA, and tons of experience too) and intuition to plot your course. She’s fantastic!”

-Beatrice Johnson, Global Association of Women in Branding

Sheree’s guidance and support has been invaluable in helping me create a solid program to support families of children with autism and the professionals that help them. With her coaching and incomparable feedback I have been able to fill my professional certification program through the Integrative Autism Institute 6 months before the doors have officially opened. I have only just started building the Institute and opening up the first online training academy for parents of children with autism, and can’t wait to see what is to come as we continue to work together! Thank you Sheree for all that you do”.

-April Choulat, The Integrative Autism Institute