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Association for Feminist Writers and Artists

Our Mission

Art and Words Create Change

The mission of the Association for Feminist Writers and Artists is to inspire women and men to advocate for equality through art and the written word.

If you take a look at the history of the Women's Movement, the crafting of words and the use of powerful artistic images encouraged those people with opposing views and experiences to be more empathetic.

For example, let's take a look at just a few of the many examples of how Ruth Bader Ginsberg was able to help powerful political males change their views for the greater good through her eloquent and persuasive use of the written word:

  • Helped women fight for the right to equal pay with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act 
  • Helped women win the right to attend all male military schools
  • Helped women fight for "right to choose" in a number of court cases
  • Helped women by creating the "Women's Rights Law Reporter" the first law publication to focus on gender issues.

And we don't have to look very far to find an example of how women have used art to communicate injustices to a patriarchal society that has been out of touch for far too long. Judy Chicago was one of the first women to bravely do this on a large scale. She created large scale art installation pieces that  couldn't be ignored. She went on to create the first feminist art program and her Dinner Party installation is permanently installed in the Brooklyn Museum.

Many of the rights we have today are because of women all over the world that shared their powerful messages just like Ruth and Judy...

Many people are unaware that as recent as the 1970's, it was still illegal for women in the United States to have a credit card, a car loan or a home loan without the signature of their husband. Think about that...  illegal. 

Now for the first time in history during the United States November 2018 Midterms we were able to fight for over 100 women to be elected to serve in the House. We now make up 40% of the House and the Senate.  


Now that we have our place at the table in a more substantial way, women can create more positive change in the US and in the world.

Join Our Mission

Our membership benefits are simple:

  • You gain access and participate in interviews, classes, virtual/live events and much more. 
  • You share your feminist themed writing and creativity on our blog and social platforms.

We will use our social networks of over 60,000 (Twitter about 40K, Facebook about 20K) and growing to communicate timely feminist issues that create more positive change in the world.

We promise to PUBLISH for change, MARCH for change, and CREATE for change.  

We hope you will join us and share your stories, experiences, advice and more by submitting posts to our blog, marching/speaking with us and creating with us.

Inspiration and Advocacy

One Woman's Journey to Healing

Over 18 years ago, I had just turned 30 and became a stay at home mother of three young daughters under five years old. I left the corporate world because daycare for three was far too expensive to make financial sense.

I had worked outside the home in my twenties so I knew I needed something that felt like "a job" while I was raising my children. Not just for financial reasons, but for my sanity.

After a year or so of reading books (actually breastfeeding my third child and reading books is more of a truthful description) on different careers you could do from home, I realized through soul searching that I had always loved writing and I loved connecting with other women like myself.  

So in January 2001, after a month of behind the scenes creation, I launched the National Association of Women Writers (NAWW). 

Over the next ten years, I passionately built the National Association of Women Writers to an online network of over 60,000 subscribers, members and followers. The journey of creating and growing this company helped me gain much needed confidence in myself and I believe consequently I became a better mother too. I also had my fourth and last child (a boy finally!) in 2006. 

During the next decade, my forties, I experienced a divorce, the loss of my parents and I closed and liquidated the NAWW to make more time for other opportunities. During this decade, I consulted (with other women on how to create their own networks), wrote books, painted a lot, and I even taught art and yoga to high school students and other women. 

As I look back on my life of almost 50 years, there is one common thread... I have always felt that I needed to advocate for women's rights.  

All of Our Journeys

I have enormous gratitude to connect with and be the connector for so many other women online and offline because of the journey I have had so far. 

I have learned that I can always find a common truth with a woman no matter how different we are. I believe this is because women experience levels of pain and happiness that men will never understand. How could they... their experiences are not our experiences.

I have learned that women are lovers of creation. We create children, companies, books, paintings, relationships, recipes, songs and more.

Lastly and most importantly, I have learned that women now, more than ever, must continue to speak up using their voice, their computers, and their art. We must use whatever means we can to fight for equality.

How to Join

Become A Founding/Lifetime Member

Founding/Lifetime members are members who join during January 2019. 

Members who join this month never pay dues again and more importantly, you are helping to jumpstart our mission at a very important time in women's history.


And If you are unable to join at this time, we completely understand, please share our mission with others.